Automate human workflows
with no-code AI agents

Your AI agent runs on autopilot

while you guide, review, and approve

Drives team projects

Your AI is aware of your project goals, does detailed planning, automates task creation, coordinates work in your teams and maintains execution state, start to finish!

Does work & organizes data

Your AI collects and organizes data, synthesizes and generates content, searches and reads the web and files, processes and creates messages, reacts to incoming messages, validates all work and much more.

Understands your work context

Your AI was built for real work. It works in your context, your documents, resources and tools. It is transparent, controllable, and steerable, enforces organizational policies and tailors work to your preferences.

Explore platform concepts

Build and run AI workflows — integrated or standalone

Automate team projects

Build and run AI powered projects, also known as thunks. Automate simple ad-hoc tasks to complex, long-running work.

Run intelligent workflows

Bring intelligence to workflows, from intake, process, integrations & communications.

Organize personal work

Automate your solo projects and increase personal productivity.

Learn about valuable use cases

Your AI agent uses GPT on your behalf — go AI 24x7

Your AI talks to GPT for you

You don’t need to engage with ChatGPT at all. No prompt engineering, manual effort, or copy pasting back-and-forth. Your AI does it for you.

Your AI works in your context

Your AI comprehends your project goals and has access to the same platform artifacts and capabilities as you do. It uses GPT as needed, applying it effectively to accomplish the task at hand.

Your AI works continuously

So you don’t have to! You can focus on your high-value high-skill activity while your AI does many tasks in the background for you.

Understand how your AI agent works

No-code automated AI agents — who woulda thunk it?

See more sample thunks
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